Firstly I’m not going to tell you who I am…  it doesn’t really matter who I am, what I will introduce you to is what I’m like and what I do.

In today’s society we are under pressure girls, don’t lie you know it too. The pressure to be successful, beautiful, a goddess in the kitchen and a minx in the bedroom, to be independent, but to settle down, to be married and have kids but still have an impossibly full social life full of cocktails, shoes and impeccably blow dried hair.

I know, I know, its impossible to have it all… but seriously I’m a ‘have your cake and eat it’ girl I want all of those things and I want to work damn hard to get as close as I can to it!

So let me introduce you to me… I’m not miss perfect, seriously I’m not! I’m a normal average 30 something woman with my own issues and problems just like you, but I still want everything and now! so this is what my blog is about.

I’m a total hoarder and beauty obsessed, you name it I’ve probably heard about it if not tried it, so the purpose of this blog is to impart my views and opinions on whats on offer in life in general, this includes

Feel free to join me if you want, and if you don’t good luck to you too!

I don’t have much time, so I love pampering, and quick fixes. Unlike the clothes we see in the magasines, I don’t have endless money, so I want everything and at a bargain price too! I loves sales, deals and shopping around for the best price.

Like all of us I also struggle somewhat with my body. It never looks right so I’m always looking to improve. I wont lie to you I go to the gym and calorie count like a crazed nutter and still am a size 16

So there we go, the hardest bit over… something about me.. I think you’ll get to know me more through this blog, but welcome to the inner sanctum of my mind, and welcome to the journey of being able to have your cake and eat it!

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  1. Yuna says:

    Interesting introduction, and sorry to say this; I’m giggling while reading this ” I’m a normal average 27 yr old girl/woman”, since I’m also use both, sometimes i call my self and my friend a girl, the other times i call myself and my friend a woman. It hasn’t been decided too well between us 😀 :D.

  2. Is that a Hed Kandi picture? 🙂 We Love Hed Kandi!!! Glad to have stumbled across your blog!

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