Day 0-5 – Post Op

So, what can I say? I am now 4.5 days post-surgery. And what a journey it has been. I was asked to come to the Hospital at 11am to find out there were two people in front of me that were still waiting for their surgery… I hadn’t eaten of drank since 6pm the night before and had to do my self-injections too. In short it was a 7 hour wait from admission to me going down for surgery at 6pm that night. Which meant A LOT of sitting around, mostly reading books and magazines and anything else I could get my hands on and boy was a hungry…

6pm came round and finally it was my turn. No nerves no anxiety just wanted it all over with frankly. However, when I came round? Well that wasn’t pretty… I remember constantly vomiting into my oxygen mask during recovery before being taken back to my room

0-12 hours. I don’t think I even drank anything, no TV on no reading just lying there completely exhausted and occasionally being given anti-sickness and pain medication and dry retching a lot. I think where the tube had been down my throat it had also inflamed my tonsils and uvula which kept making it swollen and feeling like I wanted to retch. I didn’t want to eat or drink or do anything. The nurses were lovely and the first time I stood I felt so dizzy I wasn’t able to go to the bathroom so the commode was the only option I had – dignified!

12-24 hours. I can’t lie, I was still drugged up to the max and I had the hard choice of was I better in hospital or out? Eventually I decided out and at 4pm the next day I was picked up and taken home. Was it a good idea? Honestly, I don’t know I cam home to the sofa bed made up in the lounge and the only way I could sleep was with a wedge under my legs, pillows to each side and behind me. I couldn’t sit comfortably, I couldn’t lie comfortably, and I felt oh so very queasy. I think this day I may have managed 1/3 cup of peppermint tea and the concoction of 11 different medications you need to take home. I was petrified of drinking because I didn’t want to take too big a gulp and feel that pain of it going down.

24- 48 hours. This was really the hard time, I just felt I wasn’t able to keep protein shake down (4 sips in a day) minimal water and I was very much in the place of ‘I just don’t know what to do with myself’ I was drifting off for naps regularly, not able to read or sleep properly and the medication was giving me a lot of intrusive dreams. I never cried or thought ‘what the hell have I done’ but I felt very flat and helpless and vulnerable.

48-36 hours. This is when the change happened, the worry of retching and nausea seemed to have passed by this point. And I was able to sleep (still in a weird nest) but upstairs in my own bed and the sofa bed downstairs once again became a sofa. I became less tired going up and down stairs and was able to have ½ a protein shake and a ¼ of a bottle of water. Suddenly things seemed more manageable.

Day 4: This is when I actually started to feel pretty good about things! I managed a bottle of protein shake and a bottle of protein water (more on that below). And managed to sit up for 4-5 hours without needing a nap. To be honest I probably did over do it but I finally feel like I am on the road to recovery. I think due to increase in protein I am finally getting so energy back too

What has helped me:

I laugh when I think about my hospital bag as I didn’t use 90% of the stuff, I packed but some of it has been useful post op

Infacol – at least 4-5 times a day around medication time I think this has definitely helped with trapped gas and made me feel less queasy!

Kids paracetamol Calpol (not ibuprofen based!) – The hospital gave me fizzy water-soluble tablet – 100% useless when dealing with trapped wind and bloating and taking them just made me retch, changing to this stuff was a godsend also helpful if you wake up in the night or are trying to wean yourself off the codeine!

Sleeping on your back with knees bent – Just for me much comfier, a wedge-shaped cushion can help with this and alleviate pressure on your back!

My Protein – Clear Whey Protein or Vegan protein water mix – this stuff taste just like fruit juice and can have between 10-20g protein in and is a great move away from sickly sweet milk protein shakes. Cheaper than buying it by the bottle at a supermarket but still £20 a tub but well worth the investment!! Managed to drink these much more easily and will probably still aim t have one daily to up my protein intake even once fully recovered. So far, I have tried the Peach Tea flavour and Strawberry. Both nice but the strawberry probably has the edge. Will definitely do a full review on these once I am better recovered!

Oh and the big question… How much weight have I lost

Well I am now just 5 days post op and total loss including the LRD is 16.5lbs


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