Has it really been this long?

Gosh has it really been over 2 years since I last posted here…

Well I’m back and a lot has changed! – well actually maybe not so much as I’ve just re read the ‘about me’ section I posted when I first started this blog.

So, what has changed? Well I’m still my 30’s the later end than earlier and I’ve moved (yet again) this time to the home counties of Bedfordshire, I still work full time and part time and completed an Msc and am possibly starting a second Msc in Jan 2021.

I’ve been in a relationship for just over two years, so I am navigating the ups and downs of that as well as 2 children coming into my life who are my partners from a previous relationship.

Life is all a bit up in the air due to COVID-19 leading to some unsettlement which currently seems to feel endless in nature…

I have also made one of the biggest decisions of my life, to have Weight Loss Surgery. More specifically a Gastric Sleeve. The surgery will be on the 26th of July.

I think my blog may well take on a slightly different slant more focused on health, physical and mental, food, diet and fitness with the odd review and product thrown in.

I am hoping to share a little more of myself with you moving forward rather than just product reviews and recommendations…

So, here’s to finding out more about each other and if you want, I would like to welcome onto this journey in a new chapter in my life.

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