About Me Part 2

So it felt like I needed to update the ‘about me’ aspect of this blog.

I thought long and hard about deleting the old bio, but actually it seemed sad to, as that was me then… and its nice to see over time how we change.

So who am I now?

Well I am still the same person but may less spikey at the edges. It is hard to define yourself in words but I can say there is something about me that seems a little softer that the bio written only a few years ago.

Firstly I’m the country outdoors type, I enjoy clay shooting and tweed is a favourite fabric of mine, I like the outdoors life and would love to someday be partly self sufficient with my own smallholding. The buzz and pace of city life doesn’t hold my attention anymore, neither do nights out, and hangovers. I realise I generally like simple things in life (though sadly often the refined simple things). I am more conscious about waste and the environment and enjoy reusing and making my own things.

I am still a self confessed workaholic, for those of you who may not be aware I work as a therapist both in full time work and private practice and I am fascinated as to how we think and how this affects our behaviours.

I have slowly become a bit of a house proud clean freak which I actually enjoy, a sense of order in the house brings order for the mind for me.

I am also in a longer term relationship now so expect some trials an tribulations around that, on living together and also dealing with two young children from my partner’s previous relationship.

Oh and the big thing for me? making a big decision about my weight. I have posted before about binge eating and struggling with food, I have finally decided to book to have a gastric sleeve in July 2020 so I welcome you to experience the positives and difficulties in that journey to.

I sometimes think this blog should have a focus, a selling point to you the reader as it were, but that feels false, so I welcome you to learn about my journey through life, its trials and tribulations, my experiences post surgery, and some of the little treats and purchases I make along the way.

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