D1 Gin

Another month another Gin this time a family favourite D1 London Gin £35 RRP

They Say:

We use a very narrow cut of the purest triple-distilled grain spirit and introduce this to a copper pot still.

We then conduct a batch distillation with juniper berries and bespoke botanicals including coriander, orange and lemon peel, angelica root, cassia bark, almond and liquorice. Lastly, we add a daring kick of nettles selected especially for us by a master tea blender which is infused and blended with our botanicals to create our unique 40% ABV gin of extraordinary British character. D1 London Gin was awarded the highest, Masters, medals for the Super Premium and Contemporary categories of the global Gin Masters 2014 based on blind tastings by industry experts.

D1 London Gin encapsulates quintessential British flavours and aromas, with orange and fruit tea expressions around a confidently balanced juniper backbone. The distillation in copper brings in fresh blackcurrant aromas that marry with the prominent nettle notes to deliver the smoothest and most versatile gin you will ever enjoy.

NOSE: A crest of nettle tailed by apricots with rich blackcurrant airs.

PALATE: Underlying juniper that endures through peaks of orange blossom, lemon oil and even coriander leaf flavours rounded by the elegance of nettle.

FINISH: Lingering sweetness from the juniper with an echo of summer fruits.

I Say:

I have to sayon first impressions the look for me is not much. A boring plain shaped bottle with a masculine appearance, followed up with the skull print on the back which really just doesn’t appeal to me at all. So to pick this it really had a lot to live up to. I was drawn to it by the inclusion of liquorice and nettle as well as the fact it has won two master medals.

I drank mine with tonic and garnished with mint. I have to say I was pleseantly suprised, this gin is smooth with that wonderful juniper flavour peaked with the citrus and liquorice botanicals. Sadly for me the nettle was nowhere to be found, which felt a bit redundant.

Did I like the gin?, very much so, enough to buy a bottle as a new favourite? sadly not it was good but just didn’t deliver enough for me. My old stalwarts and their beautiful packaging outside and quality product inside just pipped this one to the post.

Score: 8/10

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