Creightons – Charcoal Detoxifying Clay Mask

Who doesn’t feel better after a face mask? Whilst out shopping I grabbed this off the shelf as I was looking to try something a little new.

They Say:

Activated Charcoal & Kaolin Clay are combined to draw out dirt and impurities, leaving skin feeling soft, feeling clean and looking clear.

I Say:

For the packaging its okay, a budget range product with nothing too special in the branding. That being said it is no worse that some of the supermarket skincare brands which are easily double the price. The product has a mild smell but smoothes on well and dried reasonably quickly. It doesn’t feel as astringent as some of the more expensive brands out there like the Body Shop one I have reviewed previously. However for regular this may be a good thing.

Does it work? well I have been using it in conjuction with the facial scrab (also reviewed) and my skin does seem clearer, and for £1.99 its worth seeing if it works for you.

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