Creightons – Charcoal Deep Cleansing Scrub

Whilst out an about looking for a new skin scrub to try and clear my winter clogged pores I found this for £1.99

They Say:

Activated Charcoal & Kaolin Clay deeply purify & cleanse. Exfoliating Rice granules leave skin feeling soft, clean & clear.

I Say:

This is a budget brand, and for £1.99 its hard to expect more. The packaging looks mid range though not something you would want to proudly display in your bathroom. 150ml is an average size for a facial scrub and actually as a product it isn’t bad. It feels quite gentle and has very little smell to it all which I am not sure if I like. As a scrub I would say it is more on the creamy wash side and you really to have to rub quite a lot for the granules to feel like your face is clean.

The product leaves no residue and actually since using it my skin has seemed to be clearer, so perhaps money doesn’t buy a quality product after all!

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