X-Gin Aphrodisiac – Chocolate infused Gin

Now we all know how much I adore Gin, and there are more and more Gins out there on the market today. So why not write some reviews on the wonderous Gins I have sampled. as you know I have already reviewed a few sporadiacally here and here.

Up for review today the wonderfully named X-Gin Aphrodisiac 500ml £38

They Say:

Gin for the queens, gods and kings.

It was a time of Incas and Mayas. A time of death by sacrifice and heavenly thirst that needed to be quenched. So the kings and queens gave order to the brewing masters to brew a godly nectar.

They created a secret recipe of which is known that it contained the slightest hint of cocoa. They called it ‘Xocoatl’. It was only meant to be enjoyed by kings, queens and Gods. It brought the gift of long life, intelligence and it instilled passion in those who had the fortune to drink it.

According to legend it was the world’s first aphrodisiac. And so the Xocoatl recipe was revived and brought back as the X-Gin.

X-Gin combines juniper berry with 15 herbs and several of the best spices known to man.
It has the taste of passion with a hint of cocoa and the tiniest whiff of vanilla.
Its pure and soft aromas provoke an intense feeling of pleasure.

I Say:

Firstly we need to talk about the bottle. Just wow. it is a think of beauty, a chunky square, cork stoppered bottle with fantastic gold decoration reminiscent of the Aztec era. This is marketing done well and bottle that screams luxury. Accompanied is a wonderful little vial of cocoa nibs just for you to sprinkle in your G&T for an extra chocolate hint.

I have to say I was expecting this gin to be sweet and almost like a sickly liqueur. I could not have been more wrong, this is a smooth but punchy gin with a slightly chocolate aftertaste, I don’t know how they managed the balance but it really works. You don’t loose the juniper at other botanicals at all in this gin in fact the chocolate is just a welcome addition. Perfect for an after dinner aperitif. This is a drink that will be remembered.


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