Nespresso Lattissima

So sometimes you need to make an investment when you see a bargain. I’ve been looking to upgrade my old Dolce Gusto for ages as well lets face it £4 for 8 cups of coffee if you are using the milk pods too well it all adds up! So when i saw this at less than half price well how could you say no? Nespresso by De’Longhi EN521.R Lattissima+ Coffee Machine £249 RRP

They Say:

The new Lattissima Touch is the must-have, one-touch milk system.  With an integrated milk function, it offers exceptional convenience for those who love coffee with fresh milk.  At the simple touch of a button, create the perfect cappuccino, latte or espresso straight into your cup.

Make delicious aromatic coffee at home with this red Nespresso® Lattissima+ machine by De’Longhi. Enjoy the full range of Nespresso® coffee capsules with this model and experience a huge choice of blends and flavours. You can give every drink the perfect velvety finish thanks to the Automatic Cappuccino System that froths milk to perfection. Creating barista-quality coffee is simple too, thanks to the special One Touch functionality. It also has a fast heat-up time of just 40 seconds, so you’ll never have to wait for that first coffee of the day.

I Say:

Firstly, it is well made and compact and doesn’t take up much room in the kitchen at all. It appealed to me as it was easy to get compatible capsules (17p a cup) so I knew eventually the coffee savings would offset the cost of the machine. I am also a bit of a latte and cappuccino fan so I know the milk frother would come in super useful being able to use actual milk rather than capsules also perfect for me to switch to almond milk which I like to do at times.

The cappuccino system is what really makes this product, I use it probably twice a day which has certainly upped my caffeine intake but I love it. The milk part is a bit of a faf but I just remove the whole milk part and put it in the fridge once I’ve made the coffee and rinse it out at the end of the day with the cleaning function. It is a little tedious and more than once I have forgotten to come back to stinky curdled milk (gross) but that is laziness on my part more than anything.

Why not add a touch of high-end to any kitchen, I guarantee you’ll savour that coffee just a little more if you do….

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