Penhaligons – Vaara

Launched in 2013 as a Eastern inspired fragrance was Vaara £134.

They Say:

Vaara started life as the passion of His Highness Gaj Singh II who wanted to reflect his family’s deep love and connection with Jodhpur. Vaara offers a unique and beautiful glimpse into this aromatic world of the Maharaja.

Perfumer Bertand Duchaufour’s journey to Jodhpur provided him with an abundance of inspiration for the fragrance and the end result, Vaara, cleverly captures the spirit of this fascinating part of India.

Vaara begins with a delicious blend of coriander and carrot seeds, creamy saffron and juicy quince: ingredients discovered during our Master Perfumer’s trips to Jodhpur.

The heart of Vaara belongs to the gardens of Balsamand, the Maharaja’s summer palace, with two roses blended elegantly with a billowing note of Indian magnolia and a whisper of iris.

The fragrance settles into a luscious combination of honey, white musks and resins dripping over an aromatic base of tonka, cedarwood and sandalwood.

Head Notes
Quince, Rosewater, Carrot Seed, Coriander Seed, Saffronimage
Heart Notes
Moroccan Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Freesia, Indian Magnolia, Peony, Irisimage
Base Notes
Honey, White Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Benzoin Resin, Tonka Bean

I Say:

A lighter daytime fragrance, and not something I would expect from the back of an Oriental inspired fragrance.

The bottle wonderfully reflects the contents. clear and crisp and the orange eastern rimmed decoration on the label showing its spicy influences.

For the me the scent is crisp clear and modern, with the scent lively and invigorating, perfect for the summer or a holiday. It it a signature scent? I don’t think so is it pleasant? certainly. Is it iconic of the Penhaligons brand, for me that has to be a no, sorry.

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