Gin Festival – Southampton 2017

As you may be aware gin is my tipple of choice and it is getting more and more popular with new artisan gins popping up everywhere and suddenly gin has gone from being ‘mother’s ruin’ to being cool again.

When I had the offer to go the Southampton Gin Festival, well how could a girl say no? So off I went (by train I may add!) to add yet more gins to my tasting repertoire! Now I am planning on reviewing the gins I tasted at a later point so this is just a review of the festival so keep checking back if you want the low down on some weird and wonderful gins..

It was located at Southampton Guildhall and there are three ticket times to avoid the festival getting too crowded. On entry you are given a bag with your gin bible, goodies a glass and a tasting card allowing you teeny tastes of 4 gins included in the price of the ticket. For larger full glasses of gin it is £5 a glass.

On entering the hall my first view was that it all looked a bit shabby, and old carpet was on the floor and just some chairs scattered around, nothing to classy looking. Each side of the hall were three tables, with one side being A-I in gin names and the other J-Z. All you needed to do was queue at the table and you would be served your requested gin. In the middle was some faux grass to make it look at a little like a picnic and a Frank Sinatraesque singer who sadly was overlooked for most of the time! I though the time wouldn’t pass quickly but it really did.

It was crowded and for a lot of people there was no space to sit which was a shame. On the floor on the faux grass where we were was a creepy suspicious looking hairball which looked very unhygienic.

Did I have fun? yes, did I taste a lot of gins, most definitely. Sadly the rest was a bit of a let down, lots of gins and just a lot of chairs in a room didn’t make it the wonderful afternoon gin escape I would have hoped….. Still left with a bottle though…


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