Haswell Gin

Wow the months fly by and its that time again, another delicious bottle of loveliness to review. Today it is the turn for the less known Haswell Gin £31 RRP

They Say:

Julian Haswell – Developer and owner of “Haswell” London Distilled Dry Gin.

In my humble opinion the three most important ingredients to making a classic London Dry Gin are, of course, Juniper Berries, Angelica Root and Coriander Seeds. From this base point I wanted to produce a Dry Gin that would be “unashamedly citrus” of sweet and bitter oranges with only a hint of lemon; citrus orange being the main dynamic flavour feature.

I have always wanted to make a Dry Gin that could first and foremost be enjoyed neat, thereafter, it would be a bonus if “Haswell” Dry Gin were to be complimented with tonic water, which I believe I have succeeded in doing. After that it would become anybodies to make what they liked with it!

I Say:

Firstly the bottle, wow what a simple beautiful work of art. It looks like a beauty bottle rather than a drink, smooth frosted and heavy to the touch, this is a gin that should be displayed.

I chose to have mine freezing cold straight from the fridge, plain tonic and a slice of lime. This is a wonderful smooth refreshing balance of botanicals that is sharp and sweet on the tongue. In short it goes down far too well! Perfect for a crisp summers day or drizzled over a sorbet. This gin is divine and certainly one to add to the collection.

Score: 9/10


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