PS, Liquid Bronzer

So whilst shopping in Primark I came across their make up and skin care range which seems to have grown massively since I was last there.

As Spring is here and Summer is looming what better to add a little colour to your face than a liquid bronzer (£3 RRP).

The bottle looks of reasonable quality and quite simple and chic. The colour label said goddess, fingers crossed it delivers I recall thinking!

Now I have to say the pump inside is of terrible quality and well quite frankly it doesn’t work, so I decided to just unscrew the pump to get to the product. It is a wonderful broze creamy fluid (and not orange colour). I added a little to my fingers hoping to pat on a wonderful bronze shimmer to my cheekbones.

The product itself is a little watery to use on top of foundation, but it does give a lovely subtle summer glow. For me great for use for those that wear minimal make up and are blessed with good skin to add a little summer sun to the face but for me it was just to thin to put over foundation. Perhaps once my skin has cleared up a bit in the summer sun I will give it another go. For me the product came out as distinctly average.


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    1. lifegoddess says:

      Thanks for reblogging!

  1. Noha ♡ says:

    Mmmmm that sounds interesting. I feel like primark makeup is really a hit or miss kind of thing. Sounds worth giving a try thought x

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