The Garden – Escape to colour


Today I escaped to the garden, its Spring and time outside is long overdue. I have finally been able to spend a little money investing in aesthetics rather than necessities, for me flowers are the top of my list.

I love country gardens, I love the colour and the warmth they can bring, and when I moved into my house I was determined to have colour in the garden, sadly my naivety around finance led me to think I could have it all in one go, so it was nice to finally invest some time in the garden and be out in nature.

I find gardening peaceful and grounding, I also like watching the seedlings grow, as my sweet peas are currently doing on my windowsill. I find it mesmerizing how such a tiny thing can grown into such a perfect beautiful shape.

I try to remember all have that innate ability, to grow and be beautiful in our own perfect shape, style and colour, that and have my own little floral escape to a magical colourful world in my own little back garden.


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