Chimichanga – Port Solent

So I was meeting up with an old friend and decided to head out for a bite to eat. we wanted something quick and simple so decided to head out to Chimichangas in Port Solent.

They Say:

Chimichanga Port Solent can be found at the heart of the water-front setting on Port Solent’s Board Walk. We’re just a short drive from the buzz of Portsmouth’s bustling city centre. Come and enjoy the dramatic water view of the waterfront in our Tex-Mex inspired atmosphere and venue.  Let’s get the party started with our legendary Chimi fizz and smokin’ hot burritos.

I Say:

We arrived and it was busy, I didn’t think we were going to get a table, but the waiting stuff were friendly and found us somewhere. The noise was really high so it was hard to really hard to hear each other.

I soon worked out the menu had changed, and if you are a veggie the options are really limited. Lucky I like mushrooms but if you didn’t there would be only the Roasted Butternut Squash Enchilada £11.75for you to try. I decided (liking mushrooms) for the veggie fajitas £11.95 and to share a small nachos £5.95 to start.

The Nachos arrived super quick, they were an average size I would say with poor toppings. A tiny drizzle of sour cream, a few dollops of guacamole and salsa and 4 jalapenos. The cheese was melted and again just a few little drizzles here and there. Not a great start.

The fajita filling was lovely. Big chunks of mushrooms and peppers and onions, all nice and hot on a sizzling platter, served with little pots of salsa, sour cream, cheese and guac. That being said, 4 teeny flour tortillas were all that was allocated to you. I just ended up eating the veg of the hot plate in the end.

The service was good, friendly, and efficient, the resturant noisy and the food was average to poor to be truthful. For a cheap and cheerful meal with a larger selection, next time I think I’ll just go to the Harvester!



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