Press’d – Cold Pressed Juice

So Spring is here and for me Spring is all about green things growing, saying goodbye to comfort food (boohoo!) and embracing fresh things.

Whilst at my local Aldi I stumbled across these juices £2.49 750ml

They come in three flavours, aptly named ‘Wow Blue’ ‘Wow Orange’ and you’ve guessed it ‘Wow Green’.

Wow Blue

The ingredients say 48% Apple Juice,15% Orange Juice, 13% Blackcurrant Puree, 6% Strawberry Puree, 6% Blueberry Puree, 6% Beetroot Juice, 3.5% Spinach Juice, 3% Kale Puree, 0.5% Carrot Juice.

The flavour itself is quite sweet and nice for those who are new to juicing. It is quite heavy on the fruit side of things if you only 13% of it is veg. For those who are maybe looking for more veg give it a miss, for those looking to introduce veg into smoothies, go for it!

Wow Orange

The ingredients say 35% Apple Juice 26% Orange Juice 15% Celery Juice 12% Mango Puree 7% Carrot Juice 5% passion Fruit Juice.

So 22% veg for this one and you can definitely taste the celery and carrot, a god intermediate juice drink, for want of a better way of describing it. It has quite a nice earthy flavour.

Wow Green

The Ingredients say 38% Apple juice, 20% Pear juice, 12% Broccoli Puree, 9% Banana Puree, 7% Spinach Juice, 5% Lemon Juice, 4% Kiwi Puree, 4% Kale Puree, 1% Cucumber Juice.

24% Veg, a quarter isn’t bad, and actually higher than a lot of Innocent Smoothies at a much higher price. Again as it has a high veg content you can taste it. You can smell the kale, but can’t really taste it initially, but then it has a Kale/Broccoli/Kiwi aftertaste. Which isn’t entirely unpleasant and does make you feel quite virtuous.

I love the shame of the bottles and they look easy to was a reuse which is great. Would I by them again? to save all the pain of juicing… probably, but you have to remember the juice sparingly, as the sugar content is quite high!

Why not get an easy and convenient spring in your step and go Press’d?

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