Cyclax Nature Pure Lavender & Tea Tree Clarifying Face Mask

Ah the pampering feeling of a face pack, nothing makes me feel like I have done a good turn for my skin that slathering on a face pack sitting back and relaxing for the next 15 minutes. As you know I have previously reviewed the Cyclax Cucumber Face Pack – so it seemed only fair that I gave the Lavender and Tea Tree one a fair review as well.

They Say:

A clarifying face mask for oily/combination skin that re-balances excess oils, de-toxifies, cleans & freshens the skin.

Tea Tree oil acts as a calming agent to reduce over production of sebum. Its remarkable antiseptic properties will also help to reduce the risk of skin infections. Lavender combines with the Tea Tree to assist in the rebalancing of sebaceous gland productivity & has a soothing effect on the skin. Your complexion will become healthier both visually & internally.

I Say:

It has a Royal Warrant so I was expecting it to be good. The branding itself is a little old fashioned and dated, and reminded me of the Queen, slightly grannyish. The product itself is think and purple in colour and smoothes on well. The smell is lovely, the lavender and tea tree combines well and lead to a fresh feeling.

The odd thing about this facemask is it doesn’t seem to ‘dry’ out or harden. Therefore it is hard to know when to wash it off. After my skin feels smoother and more nourished but I am not sure if it feels that the facepack has worked to draw out impurities, it feels more gentle than that. The plus side is I think unlike other products my skin could take this product easily more than one a week. what better excuse thank to have yet more baths.

Do I think there are better quality products on the market? yes, but this is ideal for a bit of midweek pampering.

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