Savonnier de Provence Lemon Mint

Ah the wonders of body wash, one of my vices. So whilst at TK Maxx I came across some Savonnier de Provence products, I have to admit I fell in love with the gorgeous rustic decidedly French label. I love the fonts on the label and the colour of the product.

It is also nice to see the product advertises that it is Palm Oil free.  The downside again is the large plastic bottle, it would look so much nicer in glass, however it is still a classically chic addition to the bath room and looks like a high end quality product.

When using the product the liquid is thinner than I would imagine, almost watery. However it lathers well and smells amazing. The citrus scent isn’t false at all and has a slightly earthy tone to it, the mint is not overwhelming and just adds to the overall fragrance and also doesn’t leave that ‘cold’ feeling a lot of other mint shower gels have.

For me this is a lovely product which doesn’t leave your skin dry, but sadly the downside is the scent doesn’t linger. A wonderful addition to any bathroom.


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