Cheese and Cheers – Southsea

Anyone who knows me, knows I love cheese. So a friend recently told me she had a voucher for Cheese and Cheers a cheese and wine experience based in Southsea. Lets just say I didn’t need much convincing to go.

They Say:

We choose the highest quality cheeses from the french farms to ensure our customers will remember this wonderful and unique experience in Southsea, Portsmouth. Come and discover this French style bistro Parisien in Southsea. You won’t be disappointed. Why not enjoy a nice bottle of wine with a slate of cheese in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. We pride our customers by listening to their cheese & wine liking then offer a selection to ensure they have the correct pairing.

I Say:

It is a quirky cute little placed based in Southsea, the restaurant is not large but it is quaint cosy, and very neat. I’m not quite sure it has a French Bistro feel to it and I found the chairs and tables were quite small. I have to say the lady that served us was hilarious, she has a slightly disdainful French attitude which I actually found added to the ambiance, Though I can imagine it may not be for some people. When we sat down she explained what was included in the deal (8 cheeses and bread and 2 medium glasses of wine and a selection of charcutrice) and suggested a starter. We chose the French onion soup and she was happy to make two smaller portions for us, all very accommodating. The soup was stunning. By far the best French onion soup I have ever had, it was melt in the mouth delicious and the cheese in it was perfect.

We were asked about our taste in cheeses before the board was brought out and we were informed to eat the cheeses in a clockwise manner from mildest to strongest. She explained what each of the cheeses were and where they had come from. I have to say she got the cheese just right, they were all perfect and delicious, she definitely knew her cheeses. Half way through we decided to order another glass of wine each, much to her surprise as she exclaimed that there had also been wine in the soup! However apart from the French judgement the wine arrive in little carafes which were just such a lovely way of serving wine so you could pour your own.

All in all a lovely, memorable and different experience, just remember not to eat all day before! definitely a return with friends experience.


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