W7 – Mighty Mattes Eye palette

I know I know, I have far too many eyeshadows.In my defense  have been looking for some matte colours for ages, and they are so hard to find so when I saw the Matte range, I just couldn’t say no.

They Say:

Mattes at the ready!

With a variety of textures and effects available when it comes to eyeshadows; we decided to make it easy when it comes to your every matte look need.

W7’s Mighty Mattes eye shadow palette contains 12 matte eye shadow shades. The colours range from natural, peachy nudes to chocolate browns that are long lasting and highly pigmented. The shades can be used as transition colours or even as a blendable base.

The colours provide excellent coverage that are easily blendable and provide little fallout. Apply with or without a primer – these eyeshadows are not prone to creasing.

I Say:

For me this is all you will ever need if you like nude blends, the colours are more pigmented that I expected especially the darks one so a little goes a long way! There are a good variety of colours, from greys to browns and nudes.

For under a fiver why not add a little update you your make up?


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