W7 – Colour Me Nude

So we know I have about 30 MAC pigments as you have read in my previous reviews here, here and here, oh and here! amongst others so really I have no excuse to be buying more eyeshadow, so can we just say it ‘fell’ into my basket and move quickly on with the review?

W7 – Colour Me Nude Eyeshadow RRP £9.95

They Say:

W7’s Colour Me Nude eye shadow palette contains 12 powdered eye shadow shades. The colours range from pinky nudes to plummy golds that are long-lasting and highly pigmented.

The colours provide excellent coverage that are easily blendable and provide little fallout. Apply with or without a primer – these eyeshadows are not prone to creasing.

Due to its sturdy, metal tin, Colour Me Nude can be slipped into a handbag or luggage without the risk of damage when out and about.

Colour Me Nude is one of our favourites.

I Say:

I was aiming to build up a smoking eye and small sample colours in one place was the easiest way forward hence the tin’s appeal to me. I started with the lightest colour (on the far left) and had to admit I was disappointed with the lack of pigment that I am used to with MAC products, but chose to persevere and used a mid range brown to start the smokiness and the darkest colour (far right) to finish. I was actually quite impressed with the subtle finish.

Are the pigments great? no, but for the price you can’t really expect more. I will say I liked the mixed of shimmer and matte shadows to change-up your look, especially as matte shadows are often hard to find. For the price? a good make up staple and all you would need to take if you were going on holiday or a trip away all in a handy tin.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I think they have good pigments if u wanna be discrete (?) not so strong yet not so soft 🙂

    1. lifegoddess says:

      I agree Emma – I have an upcoming review on the W7 Might Mattes palette so don’t miss it!

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