Rose – Paul Smith

Growing up I hated roses. They just reminded me of grannies and my garden at home. As I’ve got older I have grown more and more fond of the rose and its quintessential British status, heady yet feminine. So whilst looking at again the millions of fragrances out there I stumbled across this one.

Paul Smith Rose – 100ml RRP £40

They Say:

The Rose at the heart of this fragrance bears Paul Smith’s name. It was cultivated and given as a gift from Paul’s wife for his birthday. This proved to be an inspiration for a fragrance.

The Paul Smith Rose is a potently fragrant, cochineal pink bloom, with a tight peony centre and full outer centre. It was first presented in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show.

I Say:

For me it is a strikingly simple bottle for a simple fragrance, but don’t underestimate it. The overwhelming scent for this is as you would expect… rose. It is a sweet but not sickly smell and light enough for office or day use without it being too overwhelming. For the evening I generally look for something with a little more depth and I did find that the scent does fade over the day quite quickly unlike more expensive fragrances. If you’re a rose lover however you wont be disappointed.


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