Sole Diva High Leg Boots

Boots, boots boots, there can never be too many in a girl’s life. Recently my flat boots have worn out (leading to some very wet feet) and as we know I am of the chunkier calf build so once again it was off for the boot hunt. I noticed Simply Be had a sale so I picked up two pairs in black and brown of these numbers.

Sole Diva High Leg Boots RRP £40

They Say:


  • Stride out in style in these Sole Diva high-leg boots. The boots have a side zip feature which adds a subtle touch of character to these classic boots.
  • Super Curvy Calf Width. Wide E Fit.


I Say:

These really are high leg boots. they come just below the knee and are riding boot inspired in design. The brown colour is a dark milk chocolate in colour and not too red. I must admit I was as little worried when putting them on as the zip made them feel a little tighter that other styles I have bought previously, but they did fit. They fit snugly and after a 5 mile walk there were still comfy.

Okay they are not outstanding, but as a wardrobe staple the style, is classic, elegant and chic, so why not splash out?

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