Fortnum and Mason – Countess Grey Tea

Ah one can never have too wide a tea selection, and so another blend joins the collection. What brand you ask? Fortnum and Mason of course, is there any other? Today it ia the turn of the Countess Grey £10.95

They Say:

A twist on the traditional bergamot-infused blend, Countess Grey is based on well-twisted orange pekoe teas, lifted by classic bergamot and a light orange flavour. Its light and delicate character makes it ideal for morning or afternoon drinking, when the spirits require a little reviving.

Taste & strength
Light and bright with an aromatic orange flavour.

When to drink
Ideal in the morning or afternoon.


Brewing information
Use boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes depending on taste. Serve black or with a little milk, or with a slice of orange or lemon.

I Say:

This tea could not smell more citrus fresh, that caddy as always is stunning and is a delight to have. On opening it is filled to the brim with leaves and citrus peel, Behind the citrus there is the familiar early grey hint of bergamot, but it really is the orange that shines through here.

On steeping the colour is a wonderful golden brown and the fragrance a delicate Earl Grey with a twist. This is a wonderful light tea and to sweeten it with sugar would be a sacrilege. With a slice of lemon this is prefect and I wouldn’t drink this with milk. A wonderful Sunday morning tea before facing the world. There is no bitter aftertaste to this tea and on its own it is simply a delight. A perfect addition for any tea lover.


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