Hotel Cafe Royal – The Green Bar

Another evening in London, and why not explore somewhere new and dark for a cocktail?

After a long days shopping I decided to pop in to a bar with a friend before heading back on the train. Our bar of choice? Hotel Cafe Royal – The Green Bar

They Say:

One of the finest luxury bars in London, inspired by the Café Royal Cocktail Book compiled in 1937, the Green Bar, Botanicals & Tonics at Hotel Café Royal is a vibrant cocktail destination for contemporary Londoners and hotel guests. Celebrating the diverse history of the location, the list features botanicals and tonics alongside classic and modern cocktail concoctions and a selection of light lunch dishes and small plates. Alongside the botanicals & tonics the iconic Absinthe experience is also available in the Green Bar. As the spirit of Café Royal is revived, so too is the ritual of drinking Absinthe, the favoured tipple of the bohemian intellects who notoriously frequented Café Royal throughout its history. The perfect destination between Mayfair and Soho for those from east and west, the Green Bar at Hotel Café Royal is a unique addition to London.

I Say:
On approaching the hotel you are met by a doorman who assists your entrance into the lobby which is clean and minimal. The bar is directly to the left and is a direct contrast to the bright minimal feel to the hotel. Lined with dark bottle green tiles, with a horseshoe par in the middle it is a bold statement, which screams fiendish opulence. It is not a large bar, and the other seats are cosy minimal style lounge chairs and tables, perfect for a illicit liaison or perhaps just a date. Even just going in there makes you feel naughty.  We took a seat at the bar and were met by a friendly and flirtatious bartender, who informed us he was going to make drinks for us that were as beautiful as we were. On the menu was a fantastical Winter Cocktail selection.
I decided to have Victorian Mojito 2.0: Monkey Sloe gin, raspberry and rosemary purée, blackberries, rasberries, shiso leaf, mint leaves £15 all served in a tall glass with a sprig of mint and rosemary dusted in icing sugar. It truly looked like a wonderful botanical garden which tasted heavenly. My friend chose the The Red Queen: Monkey 47, sour cherry purée, sugar syrup, cloves, Champagne £15 this was served in a champagne glass with red berries dusted in icing sugar on the side. Both costly but glorious.
For those looking for a deep dark secret area of London and are happy with the prices, give The Green Bar a try, you won’t be disappointed

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