Fortnum’s Tea Disc Infuser

The eternal teapot dilemma. What if you wish to have tea for one, but are using loose leaf tea? Until now I had been resorting to the traditional teapot and strainer or if not a tea bag *Cringe* shock horror! So I decided that was something that could not go on due to the large collection of delicious loose leaf tea I own, that I never end up using.

I purchased this Fortnum’s Tea Disc Infuser £10.00.

They Say:

Loose leaves make the best cup of tea, but there isn’t always time to use a teapot for every brew. But rather than sacrifice quality, simply use this silver-plated stainless steel tea infuser instead, and enjoy all of the flavour with almost no effort. A lovely gift for a tea lover, especially if accompanied by a caddy of Fortnum’s tea.

I Say:

I adore it. A wonderfully sized tea infuser which fits in to the most delicate of cups, and large enough to allow the leaves to move freely. it is petal shaped with a fine mesh to allow for infusion. For that little bit of glamour it has the Fortnum and Mason name engraved into the side, because well why not? If you’re infusing your tea you may as well do it with a bit of luxury.

The two sides just lock together making filling it a breeze too. Just a teaspoon of tea will do.

After steeping it is super easy to clean and to empty the leaves. I hang it up with the hook on its chain to dry easily before its next use, which currently is never too far away.

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