Fortnum’s Gin

Being a Gin lover and for those who regulary follow my blog you know I also love Fortnums so when they brought out their London Dry Gin I had to be on my list of Gin’s to try.

Fortnum’s London Dry Gin, 50cl £28.50

They Say:

Fortnum’s exclusive London Dry Gin is a tribute to the heritage of British-made gin, sourced from the producers of Dodd’s.

Each bottle is hand-crafted less than three miles from our Piccadilly store by The London Distillery Company.

This unique gin is produced using organic botanicals including bergamot, nutmeg and juniper in a traditional copper still. After resting for several weeks the result is a superbly balanced gin with notes of fragrant juniper, citrus and subtle spices.

Each bottle is then filled and labelled by hand.

I Say:

Fortnums and gin, what a big thing to live up to. I decided to try it straight just with ice and tonic. On smelling the gin it had the familiar juniper smell which I love about gin. On taste I found it to be soft and delicate and the aftertaste has none of the bitterness of cheaper gins. For me the only way I can describe it is smooth, velvety smooth.

For those who like citrus gins with a bit of bite, this might not be for you. As you drink on the smooth becomes a little swwet with a hint of floral. A wonderfully feminine gin.

Forntums you blew it out of the water on this one. This has to be in my top three gins, showing complex flavour and startling quality. Gin lovers don’t dismiss this as a gammick as you’ll be missing a trick.


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