Yankee – Black Coconut

I adore candles, for me they are what makes a house a home. I like nothing more than coming home from work or finishing for the day and lightly a candle as the sun sets.

Candles are not cheap especially Yankee. So whilst going through some draws I found this jar tucked away in the back. As my last candle finished it seemed logical to get out the lighter.

The jar looks like the moodier of the range with the wax being so dark in colour, and I would say from this is I was expecting scent to be a little musky. The smell is of pure coconut which is heavenly.

I have to say that this is where it ends, usually Yankees are famed for their strong scent which can fill the house within an hour of them being lit. This candle on the other hand does not. I would say it has a very very slight smell but in a large room it is not really too noticeable.

Sorry Yankee love the idea but the reality it just doesn’t work.

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