Pharma Whey HT+ Bars

Another week another protein bar review, seriously I cannot get enough of them, so easy to fit in my bag, munch in my car on the way to work, for a super simple calorie controlled brekkie. Up for review today:

Pharma Whey HT+ Bars

They Say:

The PhD Nutrition Whey HT+ Bar is a great tasting protein bar. Providing a convenient way to add extra protein to your diet, with only 3g of sugar per bar – Perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

Protein is key in healthy muscle build and the PhD Whey HT+ Bar delivers 30g of quality Protein, to aid muscle growth. Providing a great alternative to protein shakes and ideal for helping those looking to build lean muscle mass.

The PhD Whey Protein bar uses a triple-sourced protein complex of whey protein including: milk protein and soya protein isolate. And provides an impressive 9.3g of fibre and added calcium, designed to help digestion and support healthy bones and muscle function.

PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT bars contains 253 calories which means they can be used as a healthy snack between meals. Perfect for a post workout snack due to carbohydrates helping with restoring glycogen levels.

I Say:

These are bigger than the usual 60g protein bars as these monsters come in at a hefty 75g bar. Low in sugar and very high in protein I have to say these guys look good.

On opening them there is a lovely chocolate peanut smell which is a delicious difference to the usual chocolate and mint flavours most bars come in. The top of the bar is bobbly as if encrusted with peanuts. Sadly not the case they are protein crispies instead. The bar itself is the same chewy texture of most protein bars, and slightly grainy on the tongue. It is not unpleasant though. Not quite like a Reeses cup as I had hoped. For a protein bar it is a good contender,  the flavour mixes it up a little compared to the other bars on the market and certainly has a high protein and low sugar content.

Why not give it a go?


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