The Phene – Chelsea

As those who follow my blog know I no longer live in London but often still head up there to see friends of mine or days out.

So for lunch we decided to go to The Phene in Chelsea and a short 15 minute walk down Kings Road from Sloane Square.

They Say:

With a heritage stretching back to 1853, The Phene has evolved into a Chelsea institution and a unique venue in London.

Today The Phene focuses on providing quality food and drink in a relaxed and luxurious setting with a wide range of options for vegans, vegetarians & celiacs. The Phene is a multifaceted establishment catering for everything from a casual afternoon drink to private dinner for 30 people.

Whatever the season and whatever the occasion, The Phene prides itself as the perfect location for all and everyone.

The Phene is a clubhouse-style venue housing a traditional saloon bar, conservatory restaurant and first-floor lounge.

phene2.jpgI Say:

We arrived about 30 mins early from the time we had planned to book the table. We were greeted with a friendly waitress and shown to our table which was uncomfortably sandwiched between a table of four (which was empty) and a table of two which was occupied. thankfully the table of 4 with the bench seat was empty as there was no way I would have been able to fit between the two tables to get to my seat they were so close together.

I found it made conversation difficult as I was distracted by the two gentleman sitting pretty much next to us! We asked for two cocktails and were then told the ice machine wasn’t working so we could have no cocktails (very disappointing) we were offered warm toddies instead. Mine which was gin based I have to say was delicious with cardamom and cinnamon and the glasses were very innovative.

On going to use the facilities, I found them to be low in standard similar to a Weatherspoons toilet rather than a nice pub based in SW3! The mirror was cracked which lead to a very shabby look if I am honest.

The menu was good and certainly catered for all dietary needs which was good. The flatbread and baba ganoush £4.50 was really delicious and smokey. I chose to have roast aubergine, bulgar wheat, feta, pomegranate and cumin yoghurt £14 and my friend chose to have the burger. I have to say the food was really very good. The burger was cooked well and my aubergine was perfection if a little cold.

All in all an average visit. The service was acceptable and the food good but the interior and ambience really lets it down. It was shabby and unimaginative and really a poor standard for the the SW3 area. Would I go again? probably not, sadly a Chelsea disappointment for me.


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