Nivea – Soft Rose

For those that read my blog regularly, I think you have probably worked out by now that I am a massive lip balm collector. Whilst looking in my make up drawer I came across this little number rolling around at the back

Nivea – Soft Rose Lip Balm £2.29

They Say:

Do you want to enhance your lips’ natural beauty?

The innovative formula of NIVEA® Soft Rosé with Hydra IQ and rose extract combines long lasting moisture and a subtle rose shine to leave lips soft and smooth.

I Say:

Although I usually like Nivea products I am just not keen on this one. The product itself feels too thick and not very nourishing, and the hint of colour on the lips is a very artificial light pink which doesn’t match my olive skin tone at all.

I was hoping it might have a delicate rose smell as well but nothing. Just the smell of lip balm. For me uninspiring and sadly another product that will end up in the bin as part of my make up clear out.


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