Wardrobe Update – Dressing Gowns

So on the theme of making positive changes to your life and wardrobe as followed on from my bra post earlier this year. I am once again talking about nightwear of sorts. The topic today. Hideous dressing gowns.

Women, go now I dare you and look at your dressing gown, or collection of dressing gowns. (Personally I have three) now imagine yourself opening the door in your dressing gown… is that okay or are you cringing?

I will be honest my dressing gown collection consisted of a floor length dark navy silk floral dressing gown from M&S (part of the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley collection I will have you know) so very acceptable, so acceptable I forgot I had it and it just hung like sexy silk decoration from my bathroom door.

The others? well the first a was a massive, slightly discoloured fluffy pink Tesco dressing gown (circa 2007) that an ex bought for me as I had an emergency trip to hospital and needed to cover up. The other I hear you ask? A summer dressing gown, a waffle mint green short BHS number, (circa 2010) stained and faded over years of use. . I’m 31… the time for these offensive artifacts to go is now.

So as part of a new year upgrade both hideous garments were relegated to the bin with all the memories of curling up with tissues and cough and cold remedies with them, I couldn’t even face giving them to charity they were that awful.

Luckily there are some great places you can now look for dressing gowns that are a little more…. acceptable? TKMAXX and Matalan are great for girls on a budget. As for me? well I managed to pick up a wonderful (and acceptable) number as pictured for £10 from Asda.

For those brave enough to divulge I would love to hear about your shameful dressing gown secrets.




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