Metatone Tonic

So who reading this doesn’t feel tired and run down? it seems like everyone is struggling with energy levels nowadays, too much pressure and too little time. So as always I turn to nutrition and supplements for that little boost.

Metatone Original Flavour Tonic – 500ml RRP £6.85

They Say:

Metatone Tonic is a liquid concoction aimed at restoring energy levels and giving you a boost when you’re run down, or after a cold or bout of flu. It contains a combination of active ingredients, including Vitamin B1 and essential minerals calcium, potassium, sodium and manganese glycerophosphate, as well as sucrose and glucose syrup. Suitable for adults (one or two 5ml spoonfuls, two or three times a day before meals) and children six years and over (one 5ml spoonful, two or three times a day before meals), and can be diluted in water.
I Say:
I have to say I am not sure about this product? yes it give you a pick me up, but the product contains sugar so would any other sugary product do the same?
The taste is odd but not unpleasant, like a herbal flavour but not too strong. The liquid is not as thick as a syrup but not as thin was water. Do I honestly feel it has made a difference? no not really, more of that vicarious feeling about taking a health tonic and convincing yourself it makes a difference.
As I mentioned before there is an immediate pick me up after, but does it last? For me after a long day of work…, I am just as tired as before and it doesn’t seem to give me the boundless energy I was hoping for. For me it is just not worth the money.

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