Technic Juicy Sticks

As you have read beforeI love chubby lip sticks, and it seems that the craze is catching on with Technic being the latest brand to be on board.

Technic Juicy Sticks – 99p

They Say:

Every girls must have! Create gorgeous glossy lips with staying power with this crayon style twist up lip gloss.

Looks and smells amazing.

I Say:

I couldn’t resist and had to buy three, Watermelon, Tropical and Naked.

Again they come in the similar style, thick plastic pencil body with the product inside with a plastic cover to protect the product. The plastic comes in the colour to reflect the colour of the lipstick.

Naked is a wonderful nude beige colour, with gold flecks to add a bit of sparkle. Watermelon comes in a bright magenta colour with a bright yet moisturising pigment. Tropical is a hot fuchsia pink with a good level of pigment. The colours last as well as any more expensive brand, though there is a limitation on the range of colours avalaible. A wonderful bargain price range if you are looking for simple and bright colours.


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