New Year – Back to Basics

So here we are in that weird bit between Christmas and New Year, where life feels listless and directionless. I am back at work with a streaming cold and between you and me just wishing this damn year would be over and done with!

So whilst indulging in self-pity and feeling extremely sorry for myself I thought why not do something constructive and get rid of some pointless stuff in my house. (And give it to charity!).

So today people I have come to talk to you about bras, lingerie, booby holders, over the shoulder boulder holders or whatever the heck we call these annoying and yet useful contraptions.

Who has odd weird fitting uncomfortable bras in the back of your drawers? why do we keep them? do we think our breast are somehow going to morph into a new shape or size to fit them? Who feels somewhat betrayed by the underwire coming out of your one go to, super comfy bra and stabbing you as it goes? who has their three go to greying grungy discoloured bras? – We have all been there so today I have gone back to basics. All misfitting, missized, old grey, worn out, stretched, unsupportive bras have been relegated to the recycling charity bag.

The sales are a great time to buy better quality bras for low prices. for those in the UK BraStop, Boobydoo, George all do a great range for lower prices, even for those blessed (or cursed) with bigger busts.

As a quick tip, for those up to a C cup (go for a plunge, be grateful that you can! those with bigger boobs, have their boobs migrate to, and then fall out of the middle… classy no?

Over a C cup? always go for a balcony, the shape is much better suited with a much lower risk of them escaping every time you bed over to pick something up avoiding the need for readjustment or the classy quad boob look we dread so much.

So why not start with the basics and support yourself into 2017 and get a better bra? while you’re at it throw out all those old knickers too!


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