Anovia – Fragranced Body Mist Marula & Argan

Always on the hunt for a beauty bargain and for a handbag body stray for when I am out and about and want a bit of a freshen up. Whilst at my local  bargain discount store I cam across

Anovia Fragranced Body Mist Marula & Argan 150ml

RRP £0.80

They Say:

This sensual body mist infused with extract of Marula and Aragan will leave your skin slightly moisturised and seductively scented.

I Say:

The bottle itself has a nice shape and has the look of a higher end Garnier type product. It sadly is a little large for a handbag size but does come with a cap cover to protect from leakages.

The liquid inside is very lightly scented but does have a slight alcohol chemical smell at first. The fragrance is gentle and not overpowering at all it is a fresh fragrance with a slight musky tinge. The fragrance for me is evocative of summer and beaches. Perfect for a quick freshen up while out and about

For me this is perfect for those days where you don’t need to wear perfume, for walking the dog or running errands or post gym freshen ups.


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