The Hurdles – Droxford

So as we know there is always somewhere new and exciting to eat out, and the choice tonight? The Hurdles in Doxford for a girlie evening with giggles and wine.

They Say:

The re-modeled historic Victorian pub offers smart dining in a relaxed country atmosphere and The Hurdles interior speaks of opulent style and design, without negating the ‘charm factor’.

The Hurdles is the ideal place to meet for coffee, a pint, lunch or dinner. We cater for all and you can be assured of the warmest of welcomes and first class service from G and his team at The Hurdles.

Due to our location, we get a lot of cyclists and walkers passing through. Horse riders can tie up outside and we also welcome dogs.

I Say:

I have to be honest the awful signage on the outside almost put me off, nothing about it screams classy! but as I was reassured by a friend the food would be good we decided to book anyway. The inside is a slightly more upmarket country pub with rather opulent wallpaper. The server was very polite friendly and enthusiastic which was nice, though perhaps slightly over familiar.

I was pleased to see a wide variety of menus including gluten free and dairy free which is good to see. We opted not for a starter and went straight for the main, where I had Grilled Haloumi Cheese and Cauliflower Curry With chickpeas, mango chutney & steamed rice £12. The portion side was good and hot and the haloumi cooked perfectly. It was a wonderful healthy dish but I would have preferred a more indulgent option on the menu, however I have to say the mango chutney was delicious.

For dessert I opted for the orange infused bread and butter pudding, which was lovely with the orange flavour coming through nicely but without detracting from the pudding. It was however just warm rather than served hot which again wasn’t too nice, it was almost as if it was just microwaved for a few moments. The service was good however they almost forgot our desserts and we had to remind them to get them.

All in all an average experience rather the opulent promise given.


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