Bread Addiction

Today was such a glorious day that I decided to head out and do a little exploring. I am very lucky that I had a huge rang of independent food shops and cafe’s in the heart of Portsmouth, so when I stumbled across Bread Addiction. I couldn’t say no.

They Say:

We are a Southsea based artisan bakery and patisserie. Here at Bread Addiction we believe in the traditional way of making bread. Using only organic flour, pure water, sea salt, natural levain and a pair of hands to make our delicious bread.

Our aim is to renaissance artisan bakery in this city and its local community. We are also passionate for pastries and viennoiseries as well as for bread. Sourcing local and seasonal ingredients to ensure we know where our food comes from and to complement changing seasons with our baked goods.

I Say:

What a wonderful busy open shop and cafe, with a slightly unfinished industrial feel where you can see your food being prepared. The seating areas was tiny with about 6 tables, however it is clearly popular as the foot traffic was busy. There is a menu on the wall with some wonderful dishes such as warmed baguette, or sourdough toast with salad, smoked salmon and poached eggs. The other side is the most wonderful indulgent little sweet goodies such as pecan pie, perfectly formed to serve one. Nothing here is prepackaged or manufactured. Ideal for popping in for a bruch date with a friend.

Grabbing a table by a steamed up window I waiting for my Cheese and Spinach Quiche to arrive and well as my latte. The staff cannot be more helpful and are happy and friendly so you instantly feel at ease. In the corner of the room there is a dresser selling artisan tea, jams and flours.

The Quiche was warm and tasty, with lovely layers of spinach leaves rather than it chopped finely into the mix and a wonderful cheese crust. The pastry was melt in the mouth flaky with a slightly sweet taste which was a rather pleasant surprise.

Now it would be rude not to try the wonder bread on display so I chose a Brown Sourdough for £2.10 a very reasonably price. After chopping some thick slices and warming them in the oven and topping with lashings of butter they were ready to eat.

What a taste! this has to be some of the best sourdough I have ever had. with that wonderful bitter taste, open texture and thick chewy crust. Wonderful and I am looking forward to having it tomorrow with some homemade soup. If you don’t have a bread addiction before, after visiting here you will.


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