Cyclax Nature Pure Cocoa Butter & Walnut Exfoliating Body Scrub

So back in Spring I reviewed another Cyclax product which you can read here so when i cam across this product I could just feel another review coming on.

Cyclax Nature Pure Cocoa Butter & Walnut Exfoliating Body Scrub 300ml

RRP: £2.99

They Say:

An exfoliating body scrub enriched with Cocoa Butter to deeply nourish & soothe the skin. Micro particles of Walnut gently exfoliate, encouraging circulation, the cell renewal process & improving skin appearance. Skin feels soft, smooth, refined & intensely moisturised. Gently rub onto the skin with a circular motion then rinse off. No need to moisturise afterwards. Can be used daily.

Cocoa butter is an excellent skin softener acting as a protective layer to hold the moisture to the skin. It melts on skin contact & has a natural chocolate scent. It has been called the ultimate moisturiser & been used for centuries to keep the skin soft & supple. It is a natural choice for dry skin conditions & in helping with the prevention of stretch marks.

I Say:

Exfoliators are usually expensive, so I was happy to find the product and if its good enough for the Queen….

The packaging is a little cheap and dated looking but there is a good quantity inside for you to feel you do not need to use the product sparingly. The walnut shells add a bit of grit to the texture to really feel like you are giving your skin a good exfoliation. I used this product in combination with an exfoliation mitt also for extra scrubbing.

The smell is very light and inoffensive however I am not sure as to how natural the ingredients are and it is hard to find out via their website, so as for the chemical properties well it’s all a little unknown.

After my skin did feel scrubbed cleaned and nourished. it did leave a bit of a residue on there for a slightly moisturised feel which you will either love or it may feel a little greasy to some.

For the price it is a bargain if you are on a budget or are not too choosy about chemicals and ingredients. The only hassle, rinsing all the little bits from your bath afterwards, perhaps this is a product best left to the shower

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