Vintage bath with an Apothecary? part II

So for those of you that read part 1 I finally got round to looking at the same range but the Elderflower and Rhubarb version.

They Say:

Created in collaboration with one of London’s oldest chemists Meacher, Higgins & Thomas, rediscover traditional beauty remedies with the Apothecary range at M&S. Features natural extracts and presented in nostalgic vintage-style packaging

I Say:

Now I know this seems more like something you would eat than rub on your body, but it does smell lovely. A light gently un-overpowering fragrance, which is all very vintage the pleasant but also sadly somewhat forgettable? The fragrance doesn’t linger on your skin nor does it perfume the bathroom helping you to relax and luxuriate.

A wonderful vintage idea which conjures up the idea of homegrown wonderful garden goodies being blended into a remedy for the body. Sadly this does not live up in practice.

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