Declutter your home and mind

So I booked a rare day off work and although my plans fell through I was determined to use my time constructively. Cue looking with trepidation into the depths of the spare room aka dumping ground.

You know what they say, often our surroundings are a reflection of our state of mind. When I bought my first place I promised myself that I would make the effort for it to look great and not just be a place to put stuff in. One year on the spare room isn’t exactly cosy.

The aim of it, is that it is supposed to be an office, a place to blog and study and develop my business. The reality it was full of an outdated computer tons of dog stuff I have collected over the past few months, archery kit, sails for the boat and a whole load of other stuff.

5 bin liners and 3 hours of sweating later, it is goodbye PC, and hello to clean and tidy office and mind.

For me it is easy to let these things fall by the wayside when you are on your own, but it’s about you making that committment of effort and time to yourself and your own development.

Clean house, clean body, clean mind. Well one of three isn’t bad! its all work in progress right?


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