Cocoa and Spice Rum crisps

when I saw these, there was just no way I could say no. What a bizarre and weird combination. A new Limited addition introduction from Tescos. £1

They Say:

Cocoa and rum flavour potato crisps.

A warming flavour combination of cocoa and spiced rum.

I Say:

You really can’t fault the ambition of Tesco’s here, and I bet the development team had some convincing by the crazy critter that dreamt up this concoction.

I am not going to lie I was sceptical, well very sceptical however the balance of cocoa with the sugar and salt was just right. Just think of sweet and salted popcorn, it works! and here it does the same thing, you can taste the potato and the chocolate and the outcome isn’t entirely unpleasant. As for the rum? well I got not hint of rum at all, which for me would have been a nice festive addition and I found the crisps slightly greasy for my taste.

Is this something you would put out with a selection of drinks? possibly not, imagining dipping that into some salsa by accident. Is it worth a try however? well why not?

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