A time for reflection

So it’s the time of year again where I am pondering about getting yet another year older, this time 31. For my birthday what have I asked for? a tweed jacket and blinds for my lounge, oh times have changed!

Whilst pondering I came across this wonderful article and though it a good way to reflect on how things have changed.

1. Apologizing for everything under the sun.

This is a really hard habit to break, however as I have got older I have realised I don’t feel that I need everyone to agree with my opinions, and feel much more comfortable to give an opinion that may not match others.

2. Faking orgasms.

Work in progress?

3. Reverting into a teenager every time you visit your parents, tantrums included.


4. Rejecting compliments rather than accepting them.

Guilty as charged!

5. Sitting through terrible dates even though you know you’re not a match.

Ah now you see I have come up with a plan for this! never go for dinner on a first date, make it a coffee or a quick drink and make sure you have let them know you need to leave at a certain time. Leave the longer dates for date 2 if there is spark.

6. “Putting yourself out there” to meet people in ways that make your soul shrivel up into nothingness.

For me this comes and goes in phases, feel lonely, put myself out there, wonder what the hell I am doing, spend time looking after myself and then the cycle all starts again! something to work on I think

7. Freaking out about being single.

Getting better about this, though sometimes be invited out for dinner as the third wheel can be a little odd! and sorry but weddings when everyone else is a couple is frankly just painful!

8. Coming undone because you spotted a new wrinkle.

Luckily my skin is seeming to age well so far! Fingers crossed!

9. Buying things you won’t wear just because they’re in style.

Gave up on this years ago, dress for your shape not for fashion… another success

10. Forcing your hair into submission based on society’s standards.

Phew again another success, I rarely use my GHD’s to achieve that poker straight look and embrace the messy, wavy haystack that my hair is, or as one friend comment people would pay good money for bedhair like yours…

11. Feeling sheepish about buying cheap wine.

I am lucky, my friends are clearly as cheap as me!

12. Hating your body.

Epic fail…. lets move on

13. Questioning why your life doesn’t align with Sex and the City.

Am I the only one that is quite relieved my life doesn’t, far too much lunch and man chatter, I’ve got a career to forge ahead with!

14. Putting off exercise in favor of watching Real Housewives reruns.

Yeah this is a work in progress as made obvious by my fitness related posts…

15. Saying you’ll travel “someday.”

I find this a hard one to process as my lifestyle doesn’t lend itself well to travel, plus I enjoy spending the money making my first house homely.

16. Smoking, even if it’s only every once in a while.

Nope, never have never will

17. Relying on alcohol to have fun.

Again a useful destressor but not essential in my life!

18. Sleeping with people just to have a warm body in your bed.

Thank god most of us work through this in our early 20’s, personally I take pleasure in starfishing alone in my bed

19. Fading into the background at work meetings.

Hmmm I don’t think I have ever had an issue with this!

20. Feeling embarrassed about masturbating.

Do people really still feel embarrassed about this?

21. Hanging on to friends that don’t enrich your life.

Often a struggle, how often do you look at your Facebook and realise how few people you speak to or have any form of friendship with? I try to make sure I invest in the good people and the close friends.

22. Toiling away at a job you hate and ignoring your dream in the process.

I took the jump and risk when I was 24, years of working 2 jobs to fund my studies happening at the same time but never looked back!

23. Letting your period surprise you every month.

Pill, simple regular and effective

24. Buying tons of groceries, then letting it all go to waste because takeout is so convenient.

Again guilty….

25. Or putting off buying groceries for so long that you’ve had toast with ketchup and pickles for dinner more than once.

Well we have all been there, but sometimes this is when we can be the most inventive, cheese, kale, sweetcorn, pepper, gnocchi bake anyone?

26. Feeling ashamed about being an introvert.

Live it, love it, embrace it, you observant meticulous genius you.

27. Wondering why your life isn’t like your favorite Instagram stars’.

We all have to get down about this occasionally, until we look at how their job is their looks body at image, If I had a beautician, nutritionist, dietitian, stylist, make up artist, and personal trainer at my finger tips I know I would look a hell of a lot better than I do now, but I would see facials as a chore and a fat day would destroy me, let alone aging terrifying me, who would want to live like that?

28. Pretending you don’t understand the meaning of the word “budget.”

Sorry, but grow up we can’t sustain burying our heads in the sand forever, by all means splash out occasionally life is for living but debt isn’t big or clever.

29. Sentencing every single one of your plants to a parched or waterlogged death.

Yeah, some life some die its the circle of life, Plus I have a moderately succesful allotment, that counts for something right?

30. Taking sides in friend fights.

Unless something huge has happened, you’re grown ups, figure it out.

31. Having full-on birthday weeks.

Just a quiet dinner with friends please, but sorry cake is still required

32. Trying to get through life on five hours of sleep a night.

Sorry it has to be at least 6-7 it keeps you younger, slimmer and more mentally balanced

33. Constantly forgetting your birth control pill.

No excuse

34. Letting your laundry pile up until the heap is big enough to double as a modern art installation.

Write off your Saturday or Sunday morning to just get it done, you’ll feel better and productive and no mismatched outfit or lack of pants later on in the week.

35. And fearing your 30th birthday in the first place.

Seriously? its my 40th I’m more worried about…

well 27/35 isn’t too bad, as always room for improvement, how would you fare?

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