Primark – Manuka Honey Hand Cream

So while popping in for a quick shopping trip, I couldn’t help but notice a pile of little handcreams, 30mls just the right size for a handbag so I couldn’t say no.

Manuka Honey Handcream 30ml

RRP £1.00

I Say:

The size of this is just perfect although the packaging looks metal it is actually a normal plastic tube, with a label just stuck on it. Strange really as the bit that is actually printed on is the price which really spoils the overall look.

Looking at the ingredients listed I couldn’t actually see Manuka Honey listed so I am not to sure about that to be honest. The product however smells lovely more of cocoa butter than anything else. The product isn’t too thin and watery. it blends into the skin easily and does leave hands feeling soft.

If you are looking for organic premium eithical skincare I don’t think this is the product for you. is it a bargain, for a £1 possibly not but it has spurred me on to look for another handback size product that will work well.

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