MAC Eyeshadow part VI

The final installment of the MAC eye pigment saga, and actually I have renewed my love for some eye pigments and have rediscovered my old love for some cult classics. For my final collection

Rule: Pink bronze sheen
Naked: Light golden with a pink sheen
Orange: erm.. orange


Another versatile bendable shade. MAC describe this shade as ‘Soft creamy-beige with a satin finish’ perfect for blending with those lovely auburn, orange and browns. wonderful to use as a highlighter or to lighten those darker more dramatic shades.


A glorious light pink sheen with a hint of a yellow bronze. This shade in my experience is a difficult one to wear and should be avoided by those with light skin and brown eyes. For those with darker skin or light skin and blue eyes, it is well worth the experiment. blend with a lovely golden-yellow hue to make those blue eyes for those blessed with red hair sparkle.


Possibly the most difficult colour to wear in the whole of the MAC range, why I left it till last goodness only knows. For those with darker skin it is a wonderful shade, for me with blue/grey eyes I have only ever found it to be successful if mixed with water and used as a thin eyeliner, in this way it can really make blue eyes pop without the colour being overwhelming.

I hope you have enjoyed my MAC reviews, why not let me know what your favourite shades are?


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  1. Naked is absolutely gorgeous!! love this review xoxo

    my latest post 💕

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