MAC Eyeshadow – Part V

Ah the penultimate review, and what better to move into the dark days that a selection of glimmering auburn and brown shades?

Melon – light golden beige
Honesty – mid auburn brown
Blue Brown – brown with hints of blue (the clue is in the name)


Along with Pink Opal and Patina, these melon is my absolute favourite MAC shade. There is not a week that goes by without my hand reaching for the wonderful pot of glory. MAC describe it as ‘Soft bright golden peach with a Frost sheen’. There is not a shade that this doesn’t blend well with, or for a light summery sheen use on its own, I cannot count the amount of comments I have had whilst wearing this shade.


For me a very overlooked MAC shadow as it is well just a good solid colour. MAC describe it as ‘Pewtered bronze with a Lustre finish’ I guess because there are so many other exciting colours out there it is easy to reach part this little pot to a more ‘exciting one’ however there is nothing wrong with a timeless classic. Perhaps see it as a MAC make up staple, like that go to tailored shirt, or classic black peep toe shoes.

Blue Brown:

MAC I have to ask, whats with the name? usually so creative and then this? MAC describe this shade as ‘Brown with blue/green pearl and a frost finish’ again another overlooked colour on my vanity table. In fact I cannot remember the last time I wore it. The description itself isn’t an enticing one but oddly the colour works with the deep brown shade with just a hint of blue flecks that really makes it a balanced brown rather than having a gold reddish tint.


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