MAC Eyeshadows – Part IV

Up for review today – the blue shades. Most people avoid blue shadows thinking they will ened up looking like an 80’s reject but with the right colours and application it really can work.

Fresh Water – Deep Blue
Electric Eel – Bright Blue
Corn Flower – Light Blue

Fresh Water:

I cannot tell you how much I love this stunning deep cobalt blue colour a strong true blue without being garish, a perfect blend for those who wear a lot of navy, or for adding a new twist on the tradtional smokey eye. This colour works particularly well on those with grey and blue eyes rather than brown. Unless you’re going for something really garish, make sure this colour is blended with somthing more subtle. I use Cornflower (as reviewed below)

Electic Eel:

An eyepopping bright blue. MAC describes this shade as Bright blue with shimmer and a satin finish. This is the colour of tropical islands and atolls and summer on the beach. Perhaps a little much for the evening or for the upcoming Autumn, but for spring I love this colour as a simple liner to make your eyes stand out.


I wonderful subtle grey blue with a pearl finish for those warying of blue, see this as your starter shade, an ethereal blue which will easiler blend with darker colours as well as pinks, purples and blues. Great for all eye colours and just enough pigment to update your look without going too garish. Perfect for a spring or daytime work look.



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