Aussie Miracle Recharge

Once again the quest for long luscious locks continues, up for test this time is

Miracle Recharge Luscious Long Conditioning Spray

They Say:

Twirled, tossed, flipped and twiddled. Lusciously long locks just need more love. Give hair back the lusciousness it’s been longing for with a quick spritz of the Miracle Recharge hair conditioner here and there between washes.

With extract of Australian Jasmine and Panthenol, this beauty puts love back into your long hair. You can feel like the princess who got her crown back

I Say:

The name is quite a mouthful with a big promise if I am honest! The packaging is a good size spray bottle with the usual Aussie style branding which looks like a medium quality product, not cheap and tacky but not something I would openly have on display either.

The spray works well and it only takes a few pumps before you feel you have enough product on. I deliberately used it on the bottom half of my hair as I know in this weather especially the roots can get greasy quickly.

The scent is unusual but nice and doesn’t smell too artificial, I tried it on both wet and dry hair and the results? honestly I really didn’t notice the difference, I don’t think it made things worse but I didn’t see a vast improvement either. Honestly I was surprised as usually I like Aussie products, I would be interested to see if others had the same experience. Sorry Aussie, not for me.


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