MAC Eyeshadows – Part II

As part of my MAC reviews I have decided to do them in clusters so here are the first three

Forgery: White
Crystal: Light Purple
Nocturnelle: Purple


MAC describes this colour as a sterling silver lustre. This is not far off the mark, it is more of a white silver with larger pigmented flakes. This means the loose powder tends to be a little messy on application. This colour however blends so well with any other colour in the MAC range to lighten it slightly and really brings out the white of your eyes. As a wear alone shade it may be a little intense but this is great for blending for a sexy sparkly night-time look.


MAC describes this colour as  “violet duochrome with pearl with a Frost finish”. It’s a light-medium lavender with cool undertones and a pink-ish iridescent, frosted sheen. Again a wonderful shimmering blendable powder. The colour is light enough for daytime use, and can be easily blended with darker shaded for a nigh time look. perfect for ivory and light skin on its own this is a lovely understated way of adding a splash of colour to your eyes.


MAC describes the colour as “Pinked-up chrome purple with a Frost finish”. This is a wonderful mid deep purple. Perfect to blend in with MAC Crystal to give a more sultry evening look. This is not the strongest of the MAC Pigments but it has the lovely grey tinge to stop the colour looking too bold. Like all MAC colours it has a wonderful but subtle sheen that lasts for hours and doesn’t crease too easily. Perfect for day and evening wear, why not go a little bolder with this wonderful pigment.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shazabear says:

    Crystal looks absolutely gorgeous! I really want to go buy it!

    1. lifegoddess says:

      I adore it, its a shadow I use very frequently! you wont regret it.

      Thanks so much for reading!

      1. Shazabear says:

        No problem, I love your blog xx

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