What motivates me – Health, Diet, Fitness & Weight Loss

So I have been reading on a few other blogs about struggling for motivation, well we have all been there, otherwise I would have never got to a size 22 and 18.5 stone at my largest.

Things seem to be going pretty well at the moment and I do *shock horror* enjoy going to the gym, but what motivates me? why do I want to do this? So I decided to come up with my top 10 reasons.

  1. Because I want to see what my body (and mind) can achieve – Okay so this is the big one, this is for me to really find out who I am and what drives me and what I can REALLY look and feel like when I start taking care of myself and my body, I am getting older and this is the prime time to be able to look my best, I just want to see what that is.
  2. Because I secretly want to be Lara Croft – This is a weird one, I know she’s not real and who wants to be an odd CGI character, I just like some of what she stands for, shes strong, independent, driven, doesn’t give up and doesn’t put up with any crap. Plus she looks great in hot pants.
  3. To see if I can wear a bikini and feel okay – So I have NEVER worn a bikini, the idea of a beach holiday in one terrifies me, at 16 I got my closeset board shorts and a bikini top. For me this would be a huge achievement
  4. To wear those cute shorts and not worry about thigh chafe – You know those shorts, the cute little cargo ones, teamed with flip flops, messy hair and a vest top for me it screams summer, however that the moment it screams cellulite and chafage, what I wouldn’t do to wear a pair of those….
  5. For the ‘holy shit you got hot’ – Shallow but true, school was okay for me but I remember at 14 being called thunder thighs by one of the other kids, now that was painful. It isn’t about the getting hot, as I will never see those people again, it’s the meaning behind it, it’s the ‘wow you’ve really put time and effort into looking after yourself’.
  6. To be the hot ex – Of all the relationships I have had, I have had two which were long term and destructive, one that never made me feel like I was good enough to even be with, and the other where they were so passive that I felt completely alone isolated, unattractive and unwanted. Now they both live opposite ends of the country and I have no contact with either, but for me this is for me to know I was, and am, good enough.
  7. To get that glow – the clear skin, the messy shiny hair, the long nails and just a body that screams nourished!
  8. To be the annoying one that enjoys the gym – I’ve always been envious of those girls that love their fitness wear more than anything and for them the gym is their escape, I want to prove to myself that that isn’t an elitist cult, I can be them too.
  9. So I can wear a crop top while running – Oh the dream of a flat stomach, please see no.3 for more information
  10. For all the clothes I have that don’t currently fit! – I love the casual active lifestyle and what to wear what matches it, just to be able to find a pair of nice boardshorts in my size would be a dream come true!

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